GEOWoodstock 13! Come on WV we can do better!

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GEOWoodstock 13! Come on WV we can do better!

Postby gr8caches on Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:23 pm

I wanted to put a bug in your ears. I hope most of you know the single largest and longest running caching event in the US is taking place in Maryland this year. GEOWoodstock XIII GC54840 is on May 22/23 this year. I would hate for anyone to miss this event with it being so close to WV, so this is a challenge to all my fellow Mountaineers. We are already well represented as WVTim is chair of PR and GR8Caches (Danny and Danielle or us) are chair of Facilities for the event. Becky (WVKiwi) is no longer in WV but she is also part of the Venue and Area Hosts Relations committee. But my real problem is that at our monthly meeting yesterday I learned that only 30 some people from WV are registered at this point. So this a call to all my fellow Mountaineer cachers it is time to register don't delay I know there are more of you coming and if everyone shows up and they didn't register I might not have ordered enough Port-A-Pots! So you are helping me in more ways than one. So do a will attend on the cache page then go over to the GW13 site and register there. You can do both for free but if you want some of the cool GW13 items and food at the event the only way to assure yourself of getting that is to register for it. Registration ends soon so don't delay.
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Re: GEOWoodstock 13! Come on WV we can do better!

Postby Spotty Spotty Pony Girl on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:50 pm

only 30 +/- people registered from WV? That seems insane.

Especially since it is so close! Yikes!
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Re: GEOWoodstock 13! Come on WV we can do better!

Postby WVKiwi on Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:39 pm

I agree with Danny. I was shocked when they told us there was only 30 cachers currently registered from WV. I mean, I know I saw more than that just at Coopers Rocks a few years ago.

So, yes, do consider coming out and checking out the fun. Unless you specifically want the coin, pathtags, shirt, etc., there is no cost to attend. We ask for registrations just to help us plan and then ask for cachers to log their will-attends to help show Groundspeak how many people are hopefully coming. So, definitely, if you have any interest at all in coming over for the weekend or perhaps just the day, please do take a couple minutes and do both.

I remember MAGPI had a great showing at GW in Warren and this one is even closer! In fact....shh!...don't tell Virginians but I'd love to see my home state out number even NoVAGO's will-attends! ;)
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