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GCF0 - Scotland's First

Postby Spotty Spotty Pony Girl on Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:05 pm

LWB and I went to Scotland on holiday. One day 3 - June 23 - we headed to grab Scotland's first cache, placed in December 2000. We were feeling pretty cocky because the tallest mountain in Scotland is actually just a wee shorter than WV's highest point. We figured we had this. We are Idiots.

The cache was hidden in a lovely area and was a fairly easy find once I focused. Deciding to continue on and hit the summit of Ben More at 3800+ feet was something freakin' else! The view and the smug sense of self-satisfaction was worth every bit of pain that followed me for the rest of the entire holiday (we arrived home July 3 so it was a long darn time).

Here's my log.

Ben More Elevation Profile.png
Ben More Elevation Profile.png (22.26 KB) Viewed 611 times

that little dip in the elevation, that's where we had to drop down and across a valley to get the cache and then come back. It was a heck of a climb!

Ben More Tracklog Image.png
Ben More Tracklog Image.png (110.16 KB) Viewed 610 times
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