Greasemonkey for fun and profit.

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Greasemonkey for fun and profit.

Postby Rock_Rat on Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:07 am

I've been a long time user of a Firefox plug in called Grease Monkey. Grease Monkey allows you to create and run scripts that alter web pages to make them more useful. There are a few from that I love for First is the "Seek Page Logging" which gives you an icon to go directly to the log page for a cache from a list of caches in a search. The second is "Add Waypoint Finder" which adds a waypoint/trackable search bar to the under the "contact us" menu option on the left hand side. Finally my favorite is the "More Maps" plug in which adds new map links to the cache page including driving directions from your home cords. It had been awhile since the more maps plug in was updated so I have included a link to a newer version below. My updated version adds Google terrain, aerial maps (much better than Google for our area), and removes the now defunct Google Hybrid option.

Grease Monkey:

Updated More Maps Plug In:
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